The Program

arrow Volunteer counselor network consisting of former substance abusers with at least five year's sobriety who provide supportive counseling on a weekly basis.

arrow Transportation to and from group counseling sessions, places of employment, and church services.

PROGRAM FOCUS - The program GFCAC is tailored for those who recognize they have a life-controlling problem and need assistance in a structured environment that is firmly rooted in Christian principles. The GFCAC focus on four dynamics: spiritual growth, work ethics, educational achievements and structured treatment program such as the "twelve step program".

arrow Spiritual Focus - Our desire is that all who come to the GFCAC transitional housing develop a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and develop a life long wholeness and esteem for our Savior. People lacking the fear of God find their life in a cycle of serving selfish desires, making wrong choices and not having peace of mind and heart. We introduce the concepts of Christian living, and personal responsibility.

The Christian life has practical implications that will affect how we choose to behave each day. it is not enough to merely know the Gospel, we must let it transform our lives and let God impact every aspect of our lives.

A personal relationship with the Lord can only be properly nurtured and fully developed within and among a local body of believers.

No one is called to be a lone Christian. Church life is essential to growth. Those who come to the GFCAC transitional housing our connected with the Greater Faith church family. Residents are required to attend Sunday church services, Tuesday night classes and Wednesday Bible studies. Residents that have jobs and cannot attend Wednesday night/Bible class can attend on Thursdays at noon. While at GFCAC transitional housings, residents will be exposed to sound Biblical lifestyle principles and healthy relationships. Residents are encouraged to practice daily morning devotions

arrow Work Focus - GFCAC helps residents secure employment within the community and provides transportation to and from work. The primary purpose of the work program is to teach residents skills, direction, self worth and interpersonal relations. A job can provide hope

as well as meaningful activity to a resident who has lost everything, which is often the case. Establishing and maintaining a consistent work ethic is a vital part of the recovery process.

arrow Educational Focus - The need to educate residents in recovery is important. GFCAC will assist residents in obtaining their GED or their pursuit in vocational training or higher education. It is also important that as Christians we must be prepared when the adversary comes our way. Through Bible education residents will come to the "knowledge of understanding". Residents are required to attend various Bible classes/programs.

arrow Treatment Program Focus - Weekly attendance to a recovery group is available for those who are in need or have legal requirements mandated by courts or probation. The recovery group and drug counseling will be conducted at a local treatment facility by licensed drug and alcohol counselors.

PROCEDURE FOR ADMISSION - The GFCAC transitional housing program is a voluntary one. Applications will be accepted only from people who are committed to a life change.

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