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Bransford Revitalization Project

Help to rebuild hope, lives, and the community right here at home! The Bransford Community Center at 1519 John Patterson Street, Springfield, Tennessee is getting a makeover – from an abandoned, deteriorating school building into a non-profit community center providing a host of community programs for everyone!

Under the direction of GFCAC, the City of Springfield, and community leaders, new life is being given to an old face. Come join the effort!
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The Bransford High School, once the heart of the Bransford Heights neighborhood in Springfield, Tennessee, is in serious disrepair and the target of crime. To the residents of the area, this school has enormous symbolic significance. It is a place wherein resides the history and institutional memories of the entire community, and has provided a sense of pride and identity to hundreds of graduates.

The Bransford Revitalization Project is an organized, community-wide effort to revitalize the Bransford Park area. This area includes the old Bransford High School (a 40,000 square foot building on a 3.7 acre tract), and a 6.09 acre vacant tract of land in the rear of the school.

The project will include the complete renovation of the old Bransford High School for use as a non-profit community center, and the development of a master plan for the Bransford Park as a multi-function recreational complex and community park. The project is being organized and directed by GFCAC in partnership with the City of Springfield, local community service agencies, and community leaders.

Programming for the center will encompass a "shopping mall" of community oriented programs including Educational, Youth, Health & Wellness, Sports, Substance Abuse Recovery, Small Business Incubator, Soup Kitchen, and facilities for community gatherings. All programs and services will be available irrespective of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, physical or mental disability, age, citizenship, or any other protected classification. A development plan for the entire complex will be designed based upon economic feasibility and community input, with the assistance of an architect and civil engineer. The Bransford name and heritage will be maintained throughout the project.

The project has the full support and endorsement of several key community groups including GFCAC, United Way, Bransford Alumni Association, I-Care, BYCDC, the City of Springfield, Robertson County, Chamber of Commerce, and others. For more information about this project please contact GFCAC at (615)384-8682 or (615)384-3730.

Progress to Date

There is strong community support for the Bransford Revitalization Project.
Since this project's inception in January 2011, several notable accomplishments have been achieved:
  • Formation of a 25-member board of directors consisting of community leaders, local government officials, alumni, business leaders, civil engineer, architect, public relations personnel, CPA, grantwriter, social workers, and local clergy.
  • Donations of the 3.7 acre school property and 6.09-acre land tract from BYCDC and I-CARE respectively. This was a tremendous show of support for this project from two non-profit groups which have been instrumental in community restoration and revitalization efforts for several years.
  • Coordination of community surveys to establish programming priorities.
  • Partnership with City of Springfield in application for $350,000 Community Development Block Grant for demolition of gymnasium and partial restoration of south wing of school. The City has committed to $47,000 match.
  • Coordinated community cleanup projects. First project was in March 2011 with University of Wisconsin "Pay It Forward" tour. Removed over 2 tons of debris from school. This was a generous show of support from over 50 students and volunteers who worked tirelessly over a weekend to clean up the school. More projects are being scheduled with local churches and volunteers. Individuals currently in GFCAC's transitional housing program have also been instrumental in ongoing property restoration.
  • Fundraising efforts are in full swing. Donation target for the first project phase (middle and south wing) is $250,000. Targeted groups are BHS Alumni, local businesses, corporations, churches, foundations, and government grants. Funds are currently being received with more committed.
  • Formal endorsements for the project have been received from Robertson County Chamber of Commerce, United Way of Robertson County, I-CARE, BYCDC, BHS Alumni Association, the City of Springfield, Kiwanis, and several other key community groups and churches.
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