GFCAC administers community programs and services to assist homeless and indigent persons throughout the Springfield and Robertson County community.

Most of the programs are free-of-charge, community-focused events that connect residents of all age groups, cultural backgrounds, and socio-economic status.

In the outreach programs of GFCAC, the values of trust, respect, cooperation, nonviolence, family, self-confidence, self-esteem, principals of recovery from chemical dependency, and strong work ethics from the core of all activities.

These values are reinforced with church volunteer support, trained counselors, peer support, coordinated resources, and community support services within the safe environment of the transitional home.

The residents progressively learn principals of recovery from chemical dependency, life skills, job skills, principals of financial independence, and faith in the power of Jesus Christ to restore the whole man-body, soul and spirit.

The Program

The recommended stay is six to twelve months, depending on the individuals needs.

Requirements for the program include finding employment within a reasonable amount of time (two to three weeks depending on the individual), assisting with house duties and chores, participation in a support group as needed, daily devotions and weekly church services.

The GFCAC believes that the most important steps men and women take in making positive changes in their lives is to acknowledge their inability to overcome destructive habits on their
own, to believe that Jesus Christ died for them so that they can have a personal relationship with Him, to receive forgiveness for all their mistakes, and to know that the Holy Spirit of God will help them be who they were created to be.

We teach men and women that making God
real in every situation is not a religious act but a natural outflow of a living relationship with their creator Jesus Christ.

arrow Short-term shelter (1-15 day occupancy) to meet immediate needs of homeless individuals (shelter, food, clothing, and to evaluate individuals for possible transition to transitional housing program. Individuals not desiring long-term housing and treatment are offered assistance with job placement, reuniting with families, and one-way transportation services within a 50-mile radius.

arrow Transitional Housing (6-12 month occupancy). Individuals are provided services within four (4) focus areas: recovery from chemical dependency, transitional housing services, development of job/life skills, and faith-based support.

arrow Program Director certified and substance abuse counseling.

arrow In-house managers at each unit to enforce program rules, insure safety for other residents, and maintain peaceful living arrangement with the neighborhood.
Cooperative employment arrangements with local industries and businesses to provide employment for recovering individuals.

arrow Strong faith-based support system.

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